About Us

Red Reserve was founded in 2014 and became an esports organisation in December of 2016 when it acquired a Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare lineup. By 2019 that Red Reserve finished in a cloud of controversy. We understand the history that comes with the name Red Reserve and therefore we want to recapture its former glory and bring back a once much loved organisation.

We want to run things differently to other esports organisations. We come from a mobile gaming background and grew a successful PUBG:M clan from scratch, earning the trust of our community along the way. We’ve always put players and staff before ourselves and believe this method will grow the new Red Reserve back into an esports force. Our focus is on mobile gaming and have championship rosters in PUBG:M and COD:M. PC and console rosters will be added in the coming months.

Our aim is to restore the name, cultivate organic relations with partners and sponsors, and to set a high level of professionalism and trust in the esports world.

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”
For any partnership enquiries, please head to our partnership page.

Owners and members of the board

Kim Alden

Kim - Owner & CEO

Nazim Khan

Crowe - Owner & COO

Riccardo Cascio

Cash - Owner & CMO

Jacob Street

Jake - Owner & CVO

Jonas Lagerqvist

Jonas - Owner & Board Member

Jonatan Eklund

Kenta - Owner & Board Member


Rick Marx

Venshn - CWO