Red Reserve board members


I have been a Business Developer for over 5 years, working specifically in internet fiber provision in Sweden. While that has been my day job I started playing PUBGM and managed to become a competitive player for a swedish team. I then moved into an organisation and helped develop and expand that across western Europe. I had an opportunity to start Relentless which became one of the best PUBGM organisations in the EU, before Red Reserve reached out.

It was with great joy that I accepted the CEO role and plan to build Red Reserve into an eSports powerhouse.

I am a very competitive person and interestingly competed at the highest level for BBQ cooking. I represented my country in the National, European and World Championships!

Age: 40

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Discord: redKIM#1120

JACOB STREET Executive Board Member

I am a English teacher currently working as a tutor for businesses in upper Austria. I have a degree in event management and have travelled the world managing some of the largest events in the world.

I started in the eSports world as a player but quickly moved into management at various smaller organisations, before setting up Relentless with my partners.

Moving to Red Reserve has been a natural progression for me firstly as a player and then as management with my partner's from Relentless. I look forward to establishing Red Reserves reputation.

Age: 37

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NAZIM KHAN Executive Board Member

I have worked for 12 years in Finance but my real passion is gaming. I have played Final Fantasy online for several years, managing raid groups and schedules. With this, I have gained a wealth of experience in managing players & teams.

While playing games, I have also managed a cricket team in the South East Sunday Cricket League, which has established itself now as one of the best teams in the league.

In the Esports world, I started as a manager and have continued to establish several organisations including Relentless Esports with my partners. I am now dedicated to bringing the Red Reserve brand back to its former glory.

Age: 37

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Jonas Lagerqvist Director

Big interest in economy both professionally and personaly. Major professional background installing/supporting telephony/network solutions for some of the biggest companys and countys in Scandinavia.

Gaming and hardware has been a part of my life since childhood. Riding superbikes on and off track in the summer.

Age: 38

Phone Model: Samsung Galaxy S9+

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RICCARDO CASCIO Executive Board Member

Riccardo is an entrepreneur in the Digital space, a tech enthusiast born in Italy and based in the UK. He travelled the world and learnt several languages, developing a strong understanding of different cultures which helped him in his entrepreneurial endeavours. He holds a degree in Business Administration and Economics Management.

His passion for Esports developed rapidly throughout the years, leading him to fulfil different managerial roles and eventually founding a successful organisation together with his partners.

He is now dedicated to building the Red Reserve brand back to its past glory.

Age: 25

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Phone carrier: O2 UK


Jonatan Eklund CTO

Started young as a LAN event organizer in Sweden and was head of tournaments and later on sponsorships.

With a background in gaming from as far back as CS 1.3 I feel that I will fit my role as CTO here at RED exceptionally.

Age: 26

Phone Model: Samsung Note 8

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