inGame name: SONIK

My name is Luis Dasbach aka Sonik. I’m 18 years old and I am from Germany. I live near the Dutch border. I use the Nubia Red Magic 3 and my phone provider is Aldi Talk.

I love PUBG and I have been playing since day 1 of Season 1 and my greatest achievement in the game was reaching the ESL Finals with my old team. My favourite gun combination is the M416 and SLR.

Age: 18


Phone Model: Nubia Z20

Phone carrier: Aldi Talk

inGame name: AgoNN

My name is Agon Hysenaj aka AgoNN. I’m 22 years old and I live in Kosovo. I currently use the Asus Rog 2 and its carrier is IPKO. It’s a beast of a phone!

I have been playing PUBGM since season 1 and my favorite gun is the classic M4. My favourite map is Miramar and I am an all round player, I can play aggressive, passive and smart. My best achievements in the game so far is with this team and progressing into the PMCO.

Age: 22


Phone Model: Asus Rog 2

Phone carrier: IPKO

inGame name: Ked

My name’s Radolsaw Ragaman aka Ked. I'm 18 years old and from Poland but I live in Norway. I have been playing PUBGM since the release date and have never looked back!

I just got a new phone, the Red Magic 3 and it made a big difference, no more lag! My provider is MyCall. My favourite gun is the M416 or the AKM. I love Miramar and Erangel and my style of play is super aggressive. I like to play aggressively smart!

Age: 18


Phone Model: Red Magic 3

Phone carrier: MyCall

inGame name: Jip

My name is Jip van Nijen, aka Jip. I'm 18 years old, from the Netherlands. I only use the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro and T-Mobile is my provider.

I have played since season 3 and my favourite combination of guns is the Uzi and the M416. Having excellent communication skills is essential to have a top team, and in this team we have that! I am the newest member of the team.

Age: 18


Phone Model: Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro

Phone carrier: T mobile

Ingame name: Mvriel

My name is Muriel Aranega aka Mvriel. I’m 23 years old and I live in England. I was born in Brazil to Italian parents and moved to Europe when I was 14 years old.

I use the Black Shark Phone with 3 as the provider. I have been playing PUBGM since season 1 and love the game.

My favourite gun is the M416 and my favourite map is Miramar. I love close range gameplay and I feel my biggest strength is being able to use my enemy against themselves. I also play 5 fingers. My best achievement in PUBMG is coming 2nd place in the ESL Milan LAN.

Age: 23


Phone Model: Xiamoi Black Shark

Phone carrier: 3